2009-06-01 02:19:21     problems about OTP memory

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2009-06-01 02:19:21     problems about OTP memory

yacobi chen (CHINA)

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We want to do something to ensure security of our codes. We don't want to use lockbox, for it's much complex.


We assume to write some certain bytes to OTP memory. And than decide whether to boot system by calculating the chip ID and these certain bytes according to a special algorithm. 


so, there are there problems.


1) Can my idea work?


2) where the chip ID locates in? in which page of OTP memory? I can not find it in user manual.


3) I can easy operate OTP memory by otp_read( ) and otp_write( ) via VDSP. is that right?


Thanks a lot!




2009-06-01 02:27:21     Re: problems about OTP memory

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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if you want to know the layout of OTP, review the HRM.  things like the chipid are documented there.


nothing you do in VDSP is relevant to Linux.  there is a bfin-otp char driver for reading/writing public OTP memory.