2009-05-28 12:20:14     VLC problem

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2009-05-28 12:20:14     VLC problem

Samuel Ayet (SPAIN)

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Hi all.


I'm using VLC to play a video stream (by UDP) (in a BF537 STAMP with ADV7393 Daughter Board Card) sended by other Blackfin. The problem is that I can't reproduce nothing due to an error of VLC. When I try to play the stream this is  the out of the VLC (CONSOLE IN SERIAL PORT -> ttyBF):


root:/> modprobe bfin_adv7393fb mode=1 mem=1

i2c-bfin-twi i2c-bfin-twi.0: Blackfin BF5xx on-chip I2C TWI Contoller Driver, Version 1.8, regs_base@ffc01400


bfin_adv7393_fb: initializing: PAL 720x576

adv7393.c: starting probe for adapter i2c-bfin-twi(0x190001)

adv7393.c: detecting adv7393 client on address 0x56

fb0: BFIN ADV7393 frame buffer device

fb memory address : 0x03e01000

root:/> ls -l /dev/fb0

crw-rw----    1 root     root      29,   0 Jan  1 05:54 /dev/fb0


root:/> vlc udp://@

VLC media player 0.8.6b Janus

starting VLC root wrapper... using UID 0 (root)


* Running VLC as root is discouraged. *



It is potentially dangerous, and might not even work properly.

Remote control interface initialized. Type `help' for help.

status change: ( new input: udp://@ )

status change: ( audio volume: 256 )

status change: ( play state: 1 )

[00000225] main access error: no network module matched "ipv6"

[00000239] fb video output error: cannot get terminal mode (Invalid argument)



And I got the same error if I try to play any video file.


I have tried to solve the problem reading this topic that seems to be the same error: http://blackfin.uclinux.org/gf/project/uclinux-dist/forum/?action=ForumBrowse&forum_id=39&thread_id=28556&_forum_action=ForumMessageBrowse


Last message sugest use a USB keyboard with the framebuffer console and I'm using the BF537 STAMP board and I don't have any USB daughter card. I don't know what's wrong. Do I need to configure the video output of the VLC? (also I have used the --fbdev /dev/fb0 option in VLC and I got the same error).




Many Thanks!




2009-05-29 09:37:32     Re: VLC problem


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What kind of frame buffer device is there? (It isn't enough just to have the /dev/ - there needs to be a backing driver).






2009-05-31 02:26:39     Re: VLC problem


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As the link "http://blackfin.uclinux.org/gf/project/uclinux-dist/forum/?action=ForumBrowse&forum_id=39&thread_id=28556&_forum_action=ForumMessageBrowse" suggested, you can use "mplayer" for video playback. We did not test VLC to play video.






2009-06-01 06:33:48     Re: VLC problem

Samuel Ayet (SPAIN)

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Thank you for your answers. The frame buffer dfevice is the ADV7393. As the topic sugest, I'm trying to use the MPlayer but I have some troubles.


From the video transmitter side I use ffmpeg to capture video from the ADV7183 (note the -qscale 20 to achieve a low quality video and a low bandwidth usage and the 720x288 resolution that is the only one that works correctly):


root:/> ffmpeg -f video4linux -r 10.0 -s 720x288 -i /dev/video0 -qscale 20 -f avi udp:



Then, from the reciver side I use the MPlayer to play a simple udp stream video but I have an error and Mplayer don't output the video:


root:/> mplayer -fps 10 udp://

MPlayer dev-SVN-rUNKNOWN-4.1.2 (C) 2000-2007 MPlayer Team

117 audio & 238 video codecs


Playing udp://


Stream not seekable!

Stream not seekable!

Stream not seekable!

Stream not seekable!

Stream not seekable!

Stream not seekable!

Stream not seekable!

Stream not seekable!

Stream not seekable!

Stream not seekable!

Stream not seekable!

Stream not seekable!



And I don't know why I get the "Stream not seekable!" error because I'm not seeking this stream, just playing it... Do you know how to solve it?


While I was looking for a solution to the "Stream not seekable error" I read some information about the MPlayer and I made a little trick to play the stream video. I dump the stream into a file and at the same time I play the file (just with one second of delay), but I don't like this solution...




2009-06-03 05:59:35     Re: VLC problem

Samuel Ayet (SPAIN)

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Solved. The Stream not seekable was not an error, just an advice and if you let the Mplayer to do things, it takes about a minute to start playing the udp stream. Just the mplayer was trying to know what demux was better (spending lot of time to do it). If you use the -demuxer mpeg4es  (i´m sending mpeg4 avi file by udp stream) option the streams starts in less than 1 second. If someone gets the Stream not seekable! advice just try the -demuxer option.