2009-05-20 05:13:47     CCD Sensor Questions

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2009-05-20 05:13:47     CCD Sensor Questions

Samuel Ayet (SPAIN)

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I'm developing a VIdeo Over IP solution with Blackfin. Nowadays we are using composite video for  video input and output (ADV7183B for input and ADV7393 for output) and we are having troubles to achieve the desired resolution of the input (the driver of the BT656 only can capture at 720x288 and we are croping the image). Now, we are planning to use CCD sensorfor input (QVGA or CIF resolution at 15fps min) to solve the problem of the input resolution. Is there any board that I can buy from analog.com of input video from CCD sensors? I have seen this one: http://docs.blackfin.uclinux.org/doku.php?id=hw:cards:cmos_camera


where you can plug different CCD sensors (MT9V022, MT9M001, VS6524, VS6624, OV9655), and in the picture I can read the Part Number: ADDS-CMOSCAM-EZEXT but i can't find int in Analog.com to buy it.


Can I capture with one of this CCDs at QVGA or CIF? I mean, the driver will capture pictures correctly at QVGA or CIF? For example in the MT9V022, the default resolution is


# define PIXEL_PER_LINE         720

# define LINES_PER_FRAME        488


if I change this two lines to QVGA resolution...


# define PIXEL_PER_LINE         320

# define LINES_PER_FRAME        240


...when I capture from the CCD, pictures will be captured correctly at 320x240?




Other question, what CCD sensor do you recomend to use for a QVGA or CIF resolution and about 15fps with Linphone? I have seen the specs of the CCD sensors above and the drivers of them and i think VS6524 will be able of perform the resolution I want. It's ok?


Thank you!




2009-05-20 05:40:59     CCD Sensor Questions

Michael Hennerich (GERMANY)

Message: 74322    Samuel,


The sensors you are referring to are all CMOS Sensors and not CCDs.


The VS6624 Sensor for example allows you to set any of the following native resolutions: VGA, QVGA, QQVGA, CIF, QCIF, SQCIF. In addition the sensor can crop internally to any smaller resolution.

The VS6624 Sensor also allows you to set the desired framerate between 1fps and 30fps.


15 fps @ CIF should work ok with linphone. And I think there are people using exactly this configuration already.


Regarding the ADDS-CMOSCAM-EZEXT. It's an example where you can download schematics and PCB files.

You have to build your own card. Some people order sensor evaluation boards form the CMOS sensor vendors and wire them to the STAMP board.






2009-05-20 08:22:58     Re: CCD Sensor Questions

Samuel Ayet (SPAIN)

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Thank you Michael.


Yo are right, are CMOS sensors not CCD... We will take a look to this topic and decide what is the best and fastest way to get the CMOS sensor running in uClinux.