2009-05-19 17:15:16     88W8385 compact flash wifi

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2009-05-19 17:15:16     88W8385 compact flash wifi

Thomas Kurmann (SWITZERLAND)

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Can somebody please confirm that the 88W8385 compact flash wifi chip is working with the CF interface such as used in the CF-IDE-ATA card for the BF-537? I think the developer will likely know this Also do you have the firmware for the device embedded or is this needed seperatly?


Thanks a lot




2009-05-19 17:36:29     88W8385 compact flash wifi

Michael Hennerich (GERMANY)

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I don't know for sure.


However I know the PRISM based modules work with the Orinoco, Hermes PCMCIA Card Service drivers.


Some PRISM based modules require firmware loads; those can be satisfied using the same standard tools as on any other Linux based system. I think you should simply try. I don't have an 88W8385 based module to test with.


Regarding the firmware - search the chipset vendor's web-page - or look out in popular Linux distributions package management systems. This is what I usually do. Simply install the firmware package on our development host PC and copy the /lib/firmware to your target.