2009-05-14 12:02:29     astmanproxy on uClinux?

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2009-05-14 12:02:29     astmanproxy on uClinux?

Haykel Ben Jemia (TUNISIA)

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I'm a pretty new user of uClinux on a blackfin processor.


I'm looking for a way to communicate securely with Asterisk on uClinux over a network connection. As far as I know, encryption of the AMI connection is only supported on Asterisk 1.6 and this isn't running properly on uClinux. So I thought I could install astmanproxy as it supports SSL encryption.


So far I managed to compile astmanproxy for uClinux using 'bfin-linux-uclibc-gcc', but when I run it, I get the following problems:


    If i run it normally, it exits without any message: I found out this is related to the use of the fork() command which should be replaced by the vfork() (right ?)

    If I run it in debug mode (in this mode the fork() command is not executed), it hangs the whole system when trying to connect to the AMI interface of the locally running Asterisk. I found out it happens in a call to memset()


Did anyone try to run astmanproxy on uClinux?


Any hints on what need to be done to make the memset() calls work? Here is a sample call:


struct message {

        int hdrcount;

        char headers[MAX_HEADERS][MAX_LEN];

        int in_command;

        struct mansession *session;


struct message m;

memset( &m, 0, sizeof(struct message) );


Or is there a better solution as using astmanproxy?






2009-05-14 14:16:16     Re: astmanproxy on uClinux?

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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you might want to try asking on the asterisk forums:





2009-05-15 03:50:05     Re: astmanproxy on uClinux?

Haykel Ben Jemia (TUNISIA)

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Good hint. Thanks.