2009-05-11 16:26:46     CE-ATA

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2009-05-11 16:26:46     CE-ATA

Thomas Kurmann (SWITZERLAND)

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We are wondering if it is already possible to use the CE-ATA interface on the BF-51x chips? I didnt find anything in the newest kernel source.




2009-05-11 16:44:36     Re: CE-ATA

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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what interface are you talking about ?  the BF54x is the only Blackfin chip with an ATAPI peripheral.




2009-05-11 17:02:29     Re: CE-ATA

Thomas Kurmann (SWITZERLAND)

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Quoted from the Analog Devices site for the BF-518

Connectivity: SDIO, CE-ATA, eMMC, UART’s, SPORT’s, SPI and TWI


Also in the data sheet on page 12.


The removable storage interface (RSI) controller acts as the host

interface for multi-media cards (MMC), secure digital memory

cards (SD Card), secure digital input/output cards (SDIO), and

CE-ATA hard disk drives. The following list describes the main

features of the RSI controller.

• Support for a single MMC, SD memory, SDIO card or CEATA

hard disk drive

• Support for 1-bit and 4-bit SD modes

• Support for 1-bit, 4-bit and 8-bit MMC modes

• Support for 4-bit and 8-bit CE-ATA hard disk drives

• A ten-signal external interface with clock, command, and

up to eight data lines

• Card detection using one of the data signals

• Card interface clock generation from SCLK

• SDIO interrupt and read wait features

• CE-ATA command completion signal recognition and





2009-05-11 17:18:46     Re: CE-ATA

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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there is no Linux stack for CE-ATA yet, thus there is no Blackfin support for it





2009-05-12 05:27:00     Re: CE-ATA

Thomas Kurmann (SWITZERLAND)

Message: 73989    > Hmm I guess thats bad luck for us Would have been a wonderfull interface for small recording systems. Anyway, would it also be possible to use multiple SD cards on the same bus? As far as I know this should be possible with the chip selects.




2009-05-12 19:01:27     Re: CE-ATA

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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SD doesnt have a chip select.  where do you see that ?




2009-05-13 04:02:14     Re: CE-ATA

Thomas Kurmann (SWITZERLAND)

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Sorry, I messed up the SPI and SDIO interface I found an interesting

pdf regarding this matter:



I am not aware on how the sdio driver works in detail, but was it made

to support multiple devices? Or should we just use the spi port for 1

card and the sdio for the other?

Another thing, is there anyway that university students could get a

sample or 2 of a BF518 from AD? Or does anybody have a couple a samples

lying around?




2009-05-13 14:30:27     Re: CE-ATA

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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if the CPLD signaled a soft eject when switching cards, then it'd probably work


as for uni stuff, use this form: