2008-12-29 22:05:36     about tftp on uclinux

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2008-12-29 22:05:36     about tftp on uclinux

chen shevchenko (CHINA)

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my board net ic is dm9000   cpu is bf548


on uboot ,use tftp download uImage ok, and boot this kernel.


on uclinux,


use " ping hostip "is ok;


but i use "tftp hostip" ,run this command ,


then use


tftp> get uImage

Received 4355087 bytes in 9.2 seconds


but i use "quit ",


tftp> quit

?Invalid command






2008-12-29 22:17:48     Re: about tftp on uclinux

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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so use a different command like "q" or "exit" or just CTRL+C




2008-12-29 22:24:48     Re: about tftp on uclinux

chen shevchenko (CHINA)

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i test other comand ,like exit ,ctrl+c.


find this thing,


when i after run "tftp hostip",i run any comand like "a"or "b" or other availability command .


after  this command is run,


the next you input any comand ,the system print eroor is all "?Invalid command".






2009-05-08 17:18:41     Re: about tftp on uclinux


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I'm also having this problem with tftp... when I run it, the first command is processed normally but then anything else I enter get me a '?Invalid command' response.  Ctrl-C doesn't even work (but Ctrl-D will kill it).  If I run 'tftp' and then just enter a blank line, I get 'NULL pointer access (probably)' and the program crashes.  I'm using the 2008R1.5-RC3 distribution of uClinux.  'tftp file' works, but I think it's doing the transfers in ASCII mode.


I wonder if there's something strange with the I/O on my system... I also have a problem with 'more'... when it pauses after each page, I have to enter space + Enter to get to the next page (not just space like it should be).  My busybox is 1.4.1.