2009-04-24 09:43:09     SPI Interrupt

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2009-04-24 09:43:09     SPI Interrupt

Quentin Dupond (FRANCE)

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Hi all,


I have a BF533 Stamp and uClinux 2008 R1.5-RC3.


I wrote a program to use SPI device. And it's work fine


And now I want to use interrupt function, when I receive data from SPI I want to enter in handler.


I write an IRQ handler in my driver, and it's work fine but it's not exactly what I want to do.


In fact I want to say to my program "You have receive a data, you can save it in buffer". And I think I have to write my handler in my userspace.


I try to write an handler in my program but the compiler haven't the right library (interrupt.h)


How can I do that ?


Maybe there is an other solution ?


Best regards,






2009-04-24 12:25:06     Re: SPI Interrupt

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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SPI data isnt received automatically, only when *you* ask for it.  so if your program isnt asking for it, SPI data isnt going to be received, and an interrupt isnt going to help.