2009-04-02 10:54:35     Build error

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2009-04-02 10:54:35     Build error

Jim Carstensen (UNITED STATES)

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Build fails like this:




~/blackfin-sources/toolchain/buildscript/BuildToolChain \ -b ~/blackfin-sources/build \ -k ~/blackfin-sources/uclinux dist/linux-2.6.x \ -s ~/blackfin-sources/toolchain \ -u ~/blackfin-sources/u-boot


And get:


Checking for development packages (skip checks with -D option)


Found multiple version of which, using the one at /usr/bin/which


Building gss version 4.1


Utilizing make: make -j2


Usage: home/uclinux/blackfin-sources/toolchain/buildscript/BuildToolChain -s SOURCE [-b BUILD]


    -h for help


....Then back to the prompt.


Any ideas?




2009-04-02 11:09:18     Re: Build error

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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the backslashes are for new lines.  if you're posting it all in one line, then backslashes make no sense.


please avoid posting the same thing multiple times ...