2009-04-01 22:15:45     need help with PPI

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2009-04-01 22:15:45     need help with PPI

raghu mulagada (UNITED STATES)

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Hello all


I am working to setup a parallel data tranmission using PPI on the blackfin


i am using blackfin 537, my kernel version is linux and user-dist is release 2008R1.5


i modified the kernel to include ppi device as directed in the ppi wiki


i used the following piece of code to call the ppi device and use it :




fd = open("/dev/ppi0", O_RDWR);

        if (fd < 0) {

              printf("Could not open ppi device : %d \n",errno);




    else {

        printf("fd(%d) = open(/dev/ppi) \n", fd );





i can see  the ppi in the dev folder of the blackfin when do an 'ls' in the serial port terminal


but when i try to run the appication 'ppitest', it gives me the following error:


could not open ppi device : 2


do any of you guys having experience with using PPI can help me resolve this problem?










2009-04-01 23:17:41     Re: need help with PPI

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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the output already shows you the problem


errno = 2 (ENOENT)


so /dev/ppi does not exist


make sure the device node is in /dev/ and if it isnt, make sure you enabled the driver properly