2009-03-31 04:48:07     MSC Storage driver MIPS

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2009-03-31 04:48:07     MSC Storage driver MIPS

Sudhakar GN (INDIA)

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MSC data trhoughput of 20 MBytes is projected by ADI.


What will be the MIPS at this rate for uClinux?


It would be great if we can these numbers (even if approximate) to budget MIPs for system software design






2009-03-31 05:00:27     Re: MSC Storage driver MIPS

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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what exactly is "MSC" ?  do you actually mean USB mass storage ?


we have no MIPS estimates under Linux of using any USB device.  we look at throughput rates, not MIPS usage.  and any performance data can be found in the wiki if it exists.