2009-03-24 10:41:29     qt 4.5 QComboBox

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2009-03-24 10:41:29     qt 4.5 QComboBox

Nikolay Chokoev (IRELAND)

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Sory if it seems to be an offtopic, but I'm not sure if this issue is related to uclinux or qt...


The problem is that QComboBox doesn't work for me. I've made a simple application - just QMainWindow and in constructor I create QComboBox widget like:




    QComboBox *pcb = new QComboBox(this);









The result is - I have a ComboBox on the screen, but when I touch it all application freezes...


I subclassed the QComboBox to see the mosePrees events, and the event is called only once (first time when the widget is touched, next times - nothing).


Next I've subclassed QMainWindow to see if the events are received from other widgets. When QComboBox is not pressed all events are received, but when I touch the QComboBox - no more events come.


About the target -




Linux version 2.6.28-ADI-2009R1-pre-svn6000 (root@dlnx764) (gcc version 4.1.2 (ADI svn))


Qt4.5 (originaly it was Qt4.4.3 and all works with it, but I updated lib/qt-embedded folder (ONLY) with the latest).


Has anybody faced similar issue?


Could it be because I didn't updated whole uclinux trunk folder?




2009-03-24 15:12:44     Re: qt 4.5 QComboBox

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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doubtful it's because you didnt update the whole tree.  we dont really have any QT experts, so you might want to try asking on the QT forums ...






2009-03-27 06:52:28     Re: qt 4.5 QComboBox

Nikolay Chokoev (IRELAND)

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I updated the whole tree, but unfortunatelly  the problem still exists. Now I checkout the svn on a clean folder and I'll try to build everithing from this folder. Meantime, can somebody, running Qt4.5, try to run the the qt combobox, just to see if the same problem exists. I'm posting my simple project. 10x






2009-03-30 10:54:57     Re: qt 4.5 QComboBox

Nikolay Chokoev (IRELAND)

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I downloaded the latest /trunk and built it. The behaviour is the same.


Does anybody use Qt4.5 with blackfin...?