2009-03-27 05:08:48     Using driver under driver

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2009-03-27 05:08:48     Using driver under driver


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Hi all!!


I`ve got a question, induced by a lack of understanding.


I have ethernet driver bfin_mac. I have to blink diodes (using gpio driver) when I send a packet or enter open() function. The question is how can I implement it?


Sorry for nub question.


Thnak you!




2009-03-27 05:44:28     Using driver under driver

Michael Hennerich (GERMANY)

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There are different ways to do that.

Write a user space application that evaluates the net proc entries and then toggles LEDS/GPIOS using the LED Driver framework or the simple-gpio char driver.


On the other side you can hack the bfin_mac driver.


It's up to you...


If you decide doing this -

Simply use the kernel GPIO framework





int gpio_request(unsigned gpio, const char *label);

void gpio_free(unsigned gpio);

gpio_direction_output(GPIO_PG8, 1);

gpio_set_value(GPIO_PG8, 0);


and friends ...






2009-03-27 06:10:04     Re: Using driver under driver


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Thank you, Michael!


And there is another question- what should I do if I have to hack bfin_mac to make it send smth via uart, i2c, spi (using existing and loaded to the kernel drivers)? Somehow I have to connect bfin_mac to uart, i2c, spi and use standart drivers. For example, to use spi I have to have pointer to spi_master, and I don`t know how to implement it, i mean how it is generally done... I`ve searched over LDD3, I could make a simple eth driver. Than, i tried to send smth over spi in case of open().  That means, i have to use spi driver`s write functions, and they use spi_master structure. But i don`t know how to get it, where to get it from...


I would be very thankful for explanations or link...






2009-03-27 06:33:15     Re: Using driver under driver

Michael Hennerich (GERMANY)

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I have no idea what your are trying to achieve - it sounds strange to me.


SPI and I2C are buses therefore have both kernel level bus driver APIs.


A good example is the AD7879 touch screen driver. Since it has an option to either communicate via I2C or SPI.


Take a look here:








2009-03-27 09:06:09     Re: Using driver under driver


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Thank you, Michael, i`m reading it!




2009-03-27 12:21:40     Re: Using driver under driver

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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you can also search the wiki for specific peripherals