2008-07-01 06:00:33     compile error:busybox_unstripped

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2008-07-01 06:00:33     compile error:busybox_unstripped

kevin zhou (CHINA)

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Hi, All:


   I am using BF561 Ez-kit.


   Host PC: ubuntu 8.04


   When I compile kernel under "uClinux-dist" folder, I encountered the following error:


     AR      shell/lib.a

  LD      sysklogd/built-in.o

  CC      sysklogd/klogd.o

  CC      sysklogd/logger.o

  CC      sysklogd/syslogd.o

  AR      sysklogd/lib.a

  LD      util-linux/built-in.o

  CC      util-linux/dmesg.o

  CC      util-linux/getopt.o

  CC      util-linux/hwclock.o

  CC      util-linux/losetup.o

  CC      util-linux/mdev.o

  CC      util-linux/more.o

  CC      util-linux/mount.o

  CC      util-linux/umount.o

  AR      util-linux/lib.a

  LINK    busybox_unstripped

bfin-uclinux-strip: busybox_unstripped: File format not recognized

make[3]: Leaving directory `../uClinux-dist/user/busybox'

make[2]: Leaving directory `../uClinux-dist/user'

make[1]: *** [all] Error 2

make[1]: Leaving directory `../uClinux-dist/user


     Can you help me to figure out why, how to deal with it?


     Thanks very much!






2008-07-01 07:12:08     Re: compile error:busybox_unstripped

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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that isnt an error, it's a warning.  things are built in parallel so you didnt include the real error message.


run `make single` to find out the real problem.




2008-07-02 03:52:14     Re: compile error:busybox_unstripped

kevin zhou (CHINA)

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I have solved the problem, many thanks for your suggestion.




2009-03-23 22:00:36     Re: compile error:busybox_unstripped

uni chen (CHINA)

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Hi Kevin,


I met the same problem...


And I also found there is no "mkfs.jffs2" so I couldn't get my rootfs.jffs2....


Would you please tell me how to solve this problem?


Thanks a lot!






2009-03-23 22:02:29     Re: compile error:busybox_unstripped

uni chen (CHINA)

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By the way. my CPU is bf536, porting from bf537_stamp....


I used the R1.5RC3, the latest release version.




2009-03-24 09:06:08     Re: compile error:busybox_unstripped


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You will get a better response if you start a new thread - new issue == new thread. The existing one is almost a year old.