2009-03-19 10:23:09     SPORT Testing

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2009-03-19 10:23:09     SPORT Testing

Matthew Barousse (UNITED STATES)

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Hey all,


Quick question, I'm just wondering if the current sport-test app in the trunk is working, and if so, will it run on the STAMP platform, or was it only for the EZ-kit?


I'm having trouble on my end testing it. I'm using a BF537-STAMP board and the latest trunk release. When I run the application, it outputs "Failed to open /dev/sport0", and no o-scope signals on the sport lines. If I try with the 2008R1.5-RC3 release, it hangs and outputs nothing, and I can verify with an oscilloscope that there's no signals (clk, etc..). Adding in debug outputs to the source verifys it also hangs at the opening of the port. This leads me to believe that it's an error on my end, but I just want to make sure.




Thanks alot for the help here, this forum is really apreciated.


Matthew Barousse

University of Louisiana - CAPE





2009-03-19 17:00:36     Re: SPORT Testing

Matthew Barousse (UNITED STATES)

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I'm a goof.. /dev/sport0 doesn't exsist on my system - I think because the sport driver was selected as a module in menuconfig. I'll retry with it compiled into the kernel.




2009-03-19 17:35:49     Re: SPORT Testing

Matthew Barousse (UNITED STATES)

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Well, now that /dev/sport0 exists, the program executes (assuming, it looks busy but no output) and then the system resets after ~12 seconds.


I suppose i'm still curious about my original question, and that's if the sport_test application will work on the STAMP platform?










2009-03-19 17:43:52     Re: SPORT Testing

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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the sport test doesnt care about the platform it's executing on.  all platforms operate the same way when it comes to the SPORT driver.




2009-03-19 22:55:38     Re: SPORT Testing

Sonic Zhang (CHINA)

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The sport test only works with the ad73311 daughter board.






2009-08-25 04:36:35     Re: SPORT Testing

Vasile Marii (ROMANIA)

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Hello, I have the same problem about sport driver. Did you figured it out why it hangs?