2009-03-17 11:46:20     customized init

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2009-03-17 11:46:20     customized init

Rob Maris (GERMANY)

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I refer to following hint from the thread "name resolving":


"I think you're asking how to get your blackfin to do hostname lookup in a given network environment. I think you need to add an nsswitch.conf and a resolv.conf to your vendors/AnalogDevices/BF5XX-XXX directory and install them up to /etc in the Makefile on a ROMFS build."


I'm looking for an elegant way to store files as e.g. resolv.conf in the ucdist tree. I won't store it into the romfs directory as any user addition here would be lost on make clean. According to the quoted hint, I'd have to modify a makefile.


Further, I'm missing the directories rc.nn in the /etc directory. I want to add "addgroup audio" into any one startup script - without losing script content on any make clean.


I need a pointer to information of how to handle these issues.






2009-03-17 12:03:43     Re: customized init

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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nsswitch.conf makes no sense in a uClibc system.  NSS is glibc-specific.


as for rc levels, the default builds do not have any rc levels, nor are any executed.  simpleinit only runs /etc/rc before processing the simple /etc/inittab.


as for groups, why dont you just update the passwd/group files in the dist rather than always adding it dynamically.


as the original post indicates, these files are all in the vendors dir.  if you dont have your own (i.e. you're using an ADI board), then just modify the existing ones.  that includes the board-specific Makefile which handles all the romfs updating.


you'll probably want to refer to the documentation:





2009-03-17 12:57:36     Re: customized init

Rob Maris (GERMANY)

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very much thanks to the pointer! This resource was very helpful. I also noticed, that the "common" directory provides the possibility to add files without modifying makefile.


The group audio issue could be resolved, too - with your help. It pointed out that the Bluetechnix vendor directory contained a "group" file without audio entry - contrary to the ADI group file. This issue had been a cause of trouble for me in the recent past. I'll attend the bluetechnix guys about this lacking.


As a final result, dns lookup is OK now (resolv.conf) as well as audio group.