2009-03-17 02:57:38     SCCB(I2C) driver on GPIO not working

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2009-03-17 02:57:38     SCCB(I2C) driver on GPIO not working


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I had emulated SCCB (I2C) interface to a camera module on gpio pins in the 2006 uclinux release. I was using the pflags gpio device interface.


When I try running the same emulation code on the new kernel it fails to communicate with the module. I did make the necessary changes on the gpio front i.e. using the simple-gpio driver now. I have checked the gpio seperately and it works.


The SCCB code has a lot of timing sensitive code. Could it be that the previous pflags gpio interface and simple-gpio interface take different amount to time and hence is messing up the SCCB interface?






2009-03-17 04:16:21     SCCB(I2C) driver on GPIO not working

Michael Hennerich (GERMANY)

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What you describe is a No-Go.


Use the kernel level gpio-based bitbang i2c driver

in conjunction with the user space i2c device interface.


There are some examples in