2009-03-13 08:56:33     'make xconfig' problems solved

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2009-03-13 08:56:33     'make xconfig' problems solved

Matthew Barousse (UNITED STATES)

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Hey all,


Not sure if this is common knowledge, but I was never able to get 'make xconfig' working. Even after following the instructions on the documentation wiki under Setting up Development Host. I also needed the package "tk8.3". I installed this on my ubuntu and kubuntu installations, with "sudo apt-get install tk8.3" and now everything works perfect.


I'm just throwing this out there in case anyone else has the same problems, and this will help. Maybe if this is a common error, add in this line to the documentation wiki? Just a thought.






Matthew Barousse




2009-03-13 13:13:36     Re: 'make xconfig' problems solved

Adam Dershowitz (UNITED STATES)

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For me 'make xconfig' works fine with 1.5 release, but not with svn.  While 'make menuconfig' works fine with both.


I saw your post, and figured that maybe it would solve it for me (I am also on ubuntu).  Alas, make xconfig still doesn't work for me with the svn snapshot.  I get a bunch of errors related to gtk+-2.0.


But, once the thread is going, any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated.






2009-03-13 13:54:29     Re: 'make xconfig' problems solved

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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xconfig in svn defaults to using the gtk frontend, not tk.  so you have to install GTK+ development packages.




2009-03-13 15:02:19     Re: 'make xconfig' problems solved

Adam Dershowitz (UNITED STATES)

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Thanks.  For anyone else running into this problem, I needed not just libgtk2.0-dev but also libglade2-dev.


But it does now work.