2009-03-12 14:06:00     LAN / ftpput problem

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2009-03-12 14:06:00     LAN / ftpput problem

Peter Nielsen (DENMARK)

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I am using 2007r1with stamp 537 board.


I am testing the the ftpput function.


i use ftpput with a the system call form my user app.


I send a small file about 150 bytes from the stamp to  a TFP server (both the stamp and server is placed in the same LAN)


At the first glance all seems ok - but when i do the following strees test it fails.




I use 5 stamp 537 boards and each board starts to send 200 files (size approx. 150bytes each)


The total download speed to the server is appox 2kbytes/per sec. per board (which is ok).


Byt during the test somthing strange happens - some of the board stops transmitting to the server. (the server says that those connections which fail is in IDLE state)


Furher investigations shows that the ftpput cmd hangs (i can see from a "PS" cmd from consol that the system call hangs (sh))


when i kill the process initiated from system("ftpput ....."); the Yellow LED an the LAN starts again and the FTP server receives the telegrams.


I can see that the ftpput function hangs when calling "connect" (ftpput calls connect  - connect is set to be blocking).


Some times the stamp after several seconds starts to transmitt again but most of the time i dont start - and it never returns from ftpput.




I wonder if this is a problem with ftpput or maybe the LAN driver on the stamp 537.


NB: i have tried with several tfp servers - but with the same result.




Any kind help will be very much apreciated.












2009-03-12 16:13:10     Re: LAN / ftpput problem


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What type of network are you on? Switch or repeater? (does every station see every other station's traffic?)






2009-03-12 16:30:39     Re: LAN / ftpput problem

Peter Nielsen (DENMARK)

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Hi Robin


Wired LAN


According to NET admin  it sould be  a SWITCH'ed network






2009-03-12 17:34:51     Re: LAN / ftpput problem

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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there have been plenty of fixes to ftp/network ... 2007R1 is old ... time to upgrade to 2008R1.5




2009-03-12 18:00:32     Re: LAN / ftpput problem

Peter Nielsen (DENMARK)

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thanks mike i will try 2008R1.5 and see if it helps.