2009-03-12 17:12:05     RMII (and KSZ8721)

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2009-03-12 17:12:05     RMII (and KSZ8721)

Rob Maris (GERMANY)

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I'm trying to get a BF-537 system with KSZ8721BL from Micrel operating in RMII mode. As documented, the COL/RMII pin must be pulled up during power-up.


The kernel is set up with "RMII PHY interface" checked (SVN trunk).


Standard MII mode is ok. Note that this works without selecting any PHY device support(Micrel devices are not listed - I don't find hints regarding compatibility).


Did I forget any other thing?




2009-03-12 17:38:09     Re: RMII (and KSZ8721)

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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there is a "generic" phy driver because there is a simple spec for basic phy features that all sane phys should respect