2009-03-10 09:39:30     ADSP-BF533 or CM-BF533?

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2009-03-10 09:39:30     ADSP-BF533 or CM-BF533?

Fernando Zamora (SPAIN)

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I´m interested in installing uclinux and I would like to know which option is better, ADSP-BF533 or CM-BF533. I want to use it for manage audio and video and send it with IP.


I would like you to tell me which are the differences between both and the advantages of each.


Sorry but my English is very bad...






2009-03-10 10:07:14     Re: ADSP-BF533 or CM-BF533?

Phil Wilshire (UNITED STATES)

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You should hear my Spanish !


The names refer to different target systems.


Most of the changes will refer to slight differences in resources and systems available on the particular target.


If you are building a system from scratch you will probably use one of the ADSP target systems as a basis for your hardware design.


If you buy some target hardware to get going then look for your selected target vendor and board name in the uClinux-dist/vendors   directory.




Hope this helps


  Phil Wilshire






2009-03-10 15:25:17     Re: ADSP-BF533 or CM-BF533?

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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the BF533-STAMP would be best, but i dont think you can get those anymore


a BF533-EZKIT might be easier for you to do prototyping on because all pins are brought out to a big simple header where as the CM-BF533 has a smaller more-production type header which isnt as easy to poke


if you do get a BF533-EZKIT, make sure you buy the ethernet addon card ... it's pretty useless without it


you will also need some JTAG hardware since the BF533 has no UART bootstrap method ... so a gnICE will work best




2009-03-10 18:56:09     Re: ADSP-BF533 or CM-BF533?

Fernando Zamora (SPAIN)

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Yes, I known that they are different target systems but I´ve some evaluation boads of each. I´ve to choose one, so I would like to known if they have got problems with audio or video drivers or something similar. Which one have better funcionality?








2009-03-11 13:55:04     Re: ADSP-BF533 or CM-BF533?

Fernando Zamora (SPAIN)

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Nobody can help me?