2009-03-11 06:20:55     Flash Memory-BF537-STAMP

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2009-03-11 06:20:55     Flash Memory-BF537-STAMP

Parimala Baggiri (INDIA)

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           I am facing a problem while reading the data from Async Bank 2 of ADSP-BF537 stamp board. I will write my debug messages to Async Bank 2 and then read it using a tracer device. I am using the same tracer device software to read my debug message when I run a VDSP application on my board, that time debug messages are proper.


But when I run the uclinux application I could see each character is appearing twice.


Could you please suggest me where could be the problem?


uClinux-Dist: 2008R1-RC8










2009-03-11 06:35:59     Re: Flash Memory-BF537-STAMP

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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please provide more details.  what exactly is hooked up to async bank 2 ?  how exactly are you writing to it ?  how exactly are you reading from it ?