2009-03-09 08:42:33     Composite Video Input for BF537-STAMP

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2009-03-09 08:42:33     Composite Video Input for BF537-STAMP

Samuel Ayet (SPAIN)

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Hi all,


First of all I will explain what I want to do. I want to get video from a Composite Video Signal (analog), convert it to digital and send it to my BF537 STAMP Board via the PPI interface. Then use this 'video input' as input of the Linphone to make calls sending audio+video to the other side of the comunication.


I have seen that the ADV7183A Video Decoder Card is a board to make video as input. Can I use this daughter board to achieve my goal of make the video a input for the linphone on my BF537 STAMP board? if not, is tehere another way to do it?


Thanks for all





2009-03-09 09:13:02     Re: Composite Video Input for BF537-STAMP

Phil Wilshire (UNITED STATES)

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You may get some help from this link






You may have a little work to do to get this to work.


Read the tracker item and the follow up posts first then you will have more information on what needs to happen.




Phil Wilshire






2009-03-09 10:23:51     Re: Composite Video Input for BF537-STAMP

Samuel Ayet (SPAIN)

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Thank you Phil,


I read this information before posting. I don't find any usefull information for me, it only informs that is ready for the ezkit. As i have seen in the schematics, this daughter card uses the PPI interface, so I don't know if it will be compilant with the BF537 STAMP. There is one traker () that i think it will be helpfull for me if it was completed...but it is not...




Add support for sensors and video decoders currently supported by the

blackfin_cam framework.-->






Well, you are right, there is a little work to do... when I get the Daughter card, first I will try to get one frame with my BF537 STAMP and then video... I don't know how to do it exactly, I will ask here for help.




Thank you Phil, now  I can see what is the way I have to walk to achieve what I want.






2009-03-10 00:16:23     Re: Composite Video Input for BF537-STAMP

Sonic Zhang (CHINA)

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Yes, you can.


Linphone can retrived video from any framebuffer drivers.






2009-03-10 05:25:46     Re: Composite Video Input for BF537-STAMP

Samuel Ayet (SPAIN)

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What do you mean Sonic? Can I use this daughter card with my BF537-STAMP to achieve my goal of capturing composite video and send it with Linphone? Framebuffer is not for output devices like TFTs? I want to get video (composite video) with linphone and the ADV7183A Daughter Card to send it with audio to another Blackfin, and in the other blackfin use a framebuffer device like ADV7393 Daughter Card to watch the video sended from the other blackfin. With 2008R1.5 dist is possible or i have to wait to rhe 2009R release?




2009-03-10 05:46:00     Re: Composite Video Input for BF537-STAMP


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Linphone captures video from a V4L (Video For Linux) device ( docs.blackfin.uclinux.org/doku.php?id=linux-kernel:drivers:v4l_blackfin_camera#adv7183_example), and Linphone output video using a framebuffer device.


We have tested linphone using camera sensors to capture video, sending the video stream to another board running linphone for display on a LCD.


According to the doc above, adv7183b has a V4L driver in kernel, so it can be used by linphone for video capture. However, I did not test it with Linphone. So you need to have a try.