2009-03-09 19:22:19     ffmpeg h.264 improvement bounty

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2009-03-09 19:22:19     ffmpeg h.264 improvement bounty

Adam Dershowitz (UNITED STATES)

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$10,000 for 3x improvement in performance.


I hope that this is an acceptable forum for this post.  If not, I do apologize and would appreciate being told of any better place to post.


We are currently using ffmpeg from uClinux to decode a 640x480 h.264  stream.  We are using a BF527 EZ-Kit for testing.

We have a sample video file that will be made available that currently  decodes at about 6-7 fps using uclinux-dist-trunk-svn-7715 and the  included ffmpeg (ffmpeg-svn-11114).  We are decoding this file to raw  video in yuv411p pixels.

A sample command is:

ffmpeg -i video.264 -f yuv4mpegpipe -y - > /dev/null

This gives 6-7 fps.


We will pay $10,000, through RentACoder, to the first person who can  successful demonstrate consistently greater then 15 fps decoding for  our sample file, by the end of March, 2009.


The solution we're after will optimize performance of the H.264 decoder for a baseline-profile encoded stream

with a range of resolutions (CIF, QCIF, VGA, SVGA, NTSC), frame rates(5-30 FPS), and bitrates (200-500 kbps).  The idea is to demonstrate your performance improvement with the supplied sample video, but to avoid tailoring the solution closely to it.


Please contact me if you have the experience and are interested in working with me.  My email is available in my blackfin.uclinux.org profile.