2009-03-05 23:30:57     Blackfin uclinux assembly

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2009-03-05 23:30:57     Blackfin uclinux assembly

mandar kulkarni (AFGHANISTAN)

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we are trying to declare an array in bfin-uclinux assembly.


syntax for variable declaration is


aa:  .byte4




what is the syntax for uninitilised array declaration?


we tried for the array of 5 elements,






.space 20




We are using DDD for debugging of programs,but we are not able to plot array in in assembly using DDD.


Is it the problem with DDD or syntax of array declaration should be changed??










2009-03-06 00:23:25     Re: Blackfin uclinux assembly

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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this isnt Blackfin or Linux specific.  if you dont know how to use the gas syntax, write it in C first and read the resulting assembly gcc generates.


$ cat test.c

int arr[10];

$ bfin-uclinux-gcc -S -o - test.c

.file "test.c";

        .comm   _arr,40,4

        .ident  "GCC: (ADI-trunk/git-fab1910) 4.3.3"