2009-02-26 10:16:17     ttyBF0 communication with AT-Commands

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2009-02-26 10:16:17     ttyBF0 communication with AT-Commands

Izhar Eyal (ISRAEL)

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Hi All,


We are using a bluetooth module. we have tested it alone with a terminal software and made sure it works just fine.


Now we are using the BF-561 to communicate with the bluetooth device in RS232.


AT-Commands are used. we used open("/dev/ttyBF0").


while we use gets() and fprintf() functions we can communicate ok with the bluetooth module.


but, we would like to use timeout and non-blocking functions, we tried using ncurses lib, using addstr(), getstr()


but we get wird responses. possibly because we switch the RS232 using logic as follows:


DSP <> Bluetooth module


DSP <> RS232 port to PC (used to see the linux prompt)


How would you recommend doing this?






2009-02-26 10:53:10     Re: ttyBF0 communication with AT-Commands

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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if you want non-blocking, then why dont you open the device with O_NONBLOCK ?  and if you want timeouts, use select()/poll()/epoll() to tell you when data is available.