2009-02-19 05:40:01     SPORT UART Emulation Testing

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2009-02-19 05:40:01     SPORT UART Emulation Testing

ThangarJ P (INDIA)

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Hi All,


I am working in BF533-Ezkit  board with the uclinux distribution 2007RC1-RC3.


To test the SPORT UART emultion i have enabled the below options in the make menu config


Device Drivers --->

  Character devices --->

    Serial drivers --->

      <*> Blackfin SPORT emulate UART

          Baud rate for Blackfin SPORT UART (19200)



and also done the HW changes as described by EE-191 .


After that i have connected the UART port to RS232 connector in PC which is COM1.


and also i have connected the SPORT1(now act as UART due to HW changes and Kernat settings) to USB port of PC through USB to UART module.This is connected in COM3.


i have gone through the document in the below link.




but i couldn't succeeded.


because we are unble to type anything in the COM3 and also nothing received in the COM3 while do the procedure as like in the above link.(i have loaded the uImage in the COM1).


i need to transmit some data from user space and receive the same on COM3.


Please provide your ideas and suggestions .




Best Regards,






2009-02-19 21:26:38     Re: SPORT UART Emulation Testing

Sonic Zhang (CHINA)

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Please use 08R1.5. This document is against the latest release.






2009-02-20 03:59:22     Re: SPORT UART Emulation Testing

ThangarJ P (INDIA)

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Dear Sonic Zhang,




Thanks for your info.


But in the 2008R1.5 also the same behaviour.


please tell me how to test the SPORT UART Emulation.


No APIs are calling in the sport_uart_ops table while do the procedure as like in the document.


module_init(sport_uart_init) only calling while boot the uImage;


Please help me to Test this SPORT UART Emulation.




Best Regards,






2009-02-20 09:41:44     Re: SPORT UART Emulation Testing

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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please read the documentation:





2009-02-20 11:01:02     Re: SPORT UART Emulation Testing

Appalayagari Sreedhar (INDIA)

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Hi Mike,


I am Sreedhar, Thangaraj and Myself are collegues and working together.


we have struck up with this problem for sometime, we are new to uClinux.


We wired up the H/W changes for Ezkit Bf533 Rev0.5 board as mentioned in the EE-191. We connected sport1 for emulation of uart.


I am trying to put the problem clearly.


We have enabled the serial driver for console in the distribution.


<*> Blackfin serial port support (EXPERIMENTAL)                                           


  [*]   Console on Blackfin serial port


Blackfin UART Mode (Blackfin UART DMA mode)  --->


---  Enable UART0


[ ]     Enable UART0 hardware flow control


<*> Blackfin SPORT emulate UART


Baud rate for Blackfin SPORT UART (57600)  --->


BF Port UART is connected to the PC UART terminal.


and the wired interaface we connected to a separate module UART 2 USB converter so we can connect one end to USB port of PC.


we made sure our H/W setup is fine, We tested the basic diagnostics forTx/Rx in VDSP using JTAG it is fine..


We have booted the kernel using the BF UART port.


when we did the cat proc/devices we got the following information


Character devices:

  1 mem

  5 /dev/tty

  5 /dev/console

  5 /dev/ptmx

10 misc

90 mtd

128 ptm

136 pts

204 ttyBF

204 ttySS

254 rtc


Block devices:

  1 ramdisk

31 mtdblock



I think ttyBF for Black uart port and ttySS for the sport emulated uart. this shows that we have succesfully registered the device.


In our working board we need both these two ports BF UART and also the Sport emulated UART.


we created a simple test application where we try to open the sport uart device.


fd = open("/dev/ttySS", ORDWR)


the return value is -1. does the major number for both the ttyBF and ttySS needs to be same or different?


what we are doing wrong? is there any sample test applications avalable?please help us to solve this problem.


Thankyou , Sreedhar.




2009-02-20 11:18:30     Re: SPORT UART Emulation Testing

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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please read the documentation.  opening /dev/ttySS makes no sense.






2009-02-21 07:54:14     Re: SPORT UART Emulation Testing

ThangarJ P (INDIA)

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Hi Mike,


we have done as per the document.


but we didnt get anything.


if its transmitting the data while doing the procedure as like in the document then it should call the APIs in the bfin_sport_uart.c file.


No other APIs are calling in that file except module_init().


who will call that APIs?


User sholud call or kernal would take care of that?


Please clarify the above and provide your suggestions.




Thanks in advance.