2009-02-20 03:37:22     Linking Problem

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2009-02-20 03:37:22     Linking Problem


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I have a application which has some graphical user interface (GUI). The application can also decompress JPEG images and display those images on TV connected to the boards Video Out. I am using BF561 based board.


The application was using opensource IJGJPEG decoder. Since it was taking more time, we thaught of replacing the opensource IJGJPEg decoder with proprietary JPEG decoder optimized for BF561. I am integrating this proprietary JPEG decoder in place of IJGJPEG decoder.


The proprietary JPEG decoder is in the form of a library and this library is included in my applications build and the build is success.


My application's GUI has some button on selecting that, a JPEG image is read from a file, it is decompressed by the JPEG decoder and the decoded data is written to display buffers for displaying. If the buttton is not selected, the JPEG decoder APIs wont be called.




1. If I comment out the JPEG decoder API, I am seeing the basic GUI of my application properly.


2. If I enable the JPEG decoder API calls, the screen is becoming blank and even the basic GUI is not seen. This happens even if I dont select the decode button (that is the JPEG decode APIs are not executed).


Can somebody tell me what is causing this problem?


Thanks in Advance.






2009-02-20 09:38:49     Re: Linking Problem

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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that's a little to high level / vague to give proper guidance.  perhaps the proprietary JPEG decoder is broken or doesnt use the same API as the open source one.  or your program has memory corruption issues.