2009-02-14 11:41:51     ADDS-BF533-EZPromo

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2009-02-14 11:41:51     ADDS-BF533-EZPromo

Garrett Underwood (UNITED STATES)

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I bought this board a long time ago for evaluation on another project that ended up not using the BF. However, I am interested in using this board with ucLinux. Does anyone know if it is possible on this board and what the limitation are?


Also, I looked at the documentation for ucLinux and it states that installing the distribution is outside the scope of the documentation. Ideas on how do get ucLinux onto this platform? I use Ubuntu on my desktop, but I would say I am still just an advanced beginner, so I apprecite any help.








2009-02-14 11:57:34     Re: ADDS-BF533-EZPromo

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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it means "installing Linux on your desktop is outside the scope of the documentation".  we dont have any of these ezpromo boards and have never tested them, so i imagine u-boot itself will need to be ported before you can even try getting Linux running on it.




2009-02-17 06:39:45     Re: ADDS-BF533-EZPromo


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I think (Garrett - correct me) - the EZPromo was just a ADDS-BF533-EZLITE at a special price ($99) in 2004.


Linux and U-Boot should be able to run fine on that without issue. (although without a ethernet card, it will take awhile to load things over serial).