2009-02-13 04:12:17     qt-embedded 3.3.5 examples

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2009-02-13 04:12:17     qt-embedded 3.3.5 examples

Patrick Hotz (GERMANY)

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Hi Guys,


currently i try to compile konquerror embedded on my uClinux-Board...


First i want to try a example from the qt-embedded 3.3.5....

I have followed the steps in  docs.blackfin.uclinux.org/doku.php?id=uclinux-dist:qt&rev=1213628771 with static library....

The qt-embedded is compiled ok, also the examples..


Now i have copied the drawline-example and the two other files like the manual on "For FLAT static QT demo" to my system.

Also i have export the QTDIR...


If i want to run the example there is following:


root:/media> ./drawlines -qws

mapping /dev/fb0: Invalid argument

Error: failed to map framebuffer device to memory.

: driver cannot connect



For testing i have enabled the Virtual Framebuffer in Kernel-Settings.

Booting shows this:  fb0: Virtual frame buffer device, using 1024K of video memory


Does anyone know a solution to this problem?