2009-01-31 12:35:56     SDRAM access bus load

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2009-01-31 12:35:56     SDRAM access bus load

Sudhakar GN (INDIA)

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I have posted this elsewhere and did not get reply so far...So posting it again here


~ Thanks






I am looking to estimates the SDRAM access on the bus while uclinux is running on  BF533 DSP.


Background is as follows:


We have a BF533+uClinux based system with other peripherals  ( USB module/ Ethernety peripherals )also on EBIU.


We would  to estimate how much memory bus bandwidth is available for other devices afetr considering SDRAM access.








2009-02-01 19:06:45     Re: SDRAM access bus load

Frank Van Hooft (CANADA)

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It's pretty much impossible to estimate based on what you've said. The SDRAM utilisation is heavily dependent upon a very large number of factors, including what kernel options you've got enabled, what peripherals you're using & how busy they are, your internal SRAM usage (which used intelligently can reduce your external SDRAM usage), what your own user code is doing, and much more.


Your best bet is simply to put a 'scope on your SDRAM and measure it.




2009-02-02 02:44:11     Re: SDRAM access bus load


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You may also try use lmbench to test the memory bandwidth.