2009-01-30 15:17:21     Running Test programs

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2009-01-30 15:17:21     Running Test programs

raghu mulagada (UNITED STATES)

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I am new to using uClinux. I am using this on bf537. i would like to know how to run the test programs like PPI and flags program after i made the files from uClinux-dist.




2009-02-01 19:21:58     Re: Running Test programs

Frank Van Hooft (CANADA)

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Welcome to Blackfin. The easiest way (I think :-) to run these programs is to build them as part of your uclinux build/compilation process. Which is to say, you enable them in menuconfig. Then they'll be downloaded onto your BF537 board as part of your normal uclinux download.


Read the documentation wiki for details on how to build & download the uclinux kernel into your board:



For exact details on each test program's function, command-line options, etc, you can search the documentation wiki to see if there's anything listed for it, but often the best idea is to look at the source code for that particular program. Almost always there will be some useful info in a comment block in there. If you're having trouble finding the source code for your program of interest, try using the linux 'find' command from within your source code directory.