2009-01-19 12:57:55     i2c help

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2009-01-19 12:57:55     i2c help


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Hey all,


I was wondering if someone could tell me where I could find commands for the i2c-0. I cant seem to find the correct header file for the specified char dev. Also, seeing that this is the first time that I have played with i2c in linux if a simplified howto or code was laying around that someone could point me to would be very appreciated as well. I am trying to communicate with two other bf537's and to use a third as a master node. Thanks in advance.




2009-01-19 13:03:33     Re: i2c help

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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this is what we have:






2009-01-19 13:52:04     Re: i2c help


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Thanks for the fast response, I do have some questions though.


1) How do I know the address of the device? from line 42 of dev-interface


2) Can the blackfin support more than one i2c?


3) How important is it to use -O when compiling the userspace code?






2009-01-21 18:52:39     Re: i2c help

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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considering you're designing the board and putting the parts on it, you certainly should know the i2c addresses of every device.  you can use the i2c-tools in the dist to assist in the debugging process.


i dont know what you mean by "more than one i2c".  are you talking about slaves or busses ?  the on-chip twi interface has no limitations other than what the i2c spec has.


"important" depends on what you want.  the -O level shouldnt matter in terms of correct behavior.