2009-01-11 09:00:51     AD73322 Audio Input

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2009-01-11 09:00:51     AD73322 Audio Input


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When I build the uClinux for BF537 with the AD73322 driver, the Audio input doesnt seem to work, (output works though.)


However, when I test the same hardware with the AD73311 driver, both the Input and output work.


- AD73322 (only one) is connected to Sport0.


- I test using: tone, and then: vrec -w | vplay


- Toolchain version is 2008.R1.5, and uClinux version is uClinux-dist-2008R1.5-RC3


Has anybody seen a similar problem ?


Is there any particular setting i need to do with mixer to get input working with 73322 ?


(I increase the input/outout gains already in ad73322.c before building the kernel.)






2009-01-12 01:47:29     Re: AD73322 Audio Input

Cliff Cai (CHINA)

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Hi Vivek,


This driver is written for a customer board( with 4 cascaded AD73322 on it),and there are wrong mappings between the input Jacks and and input data lines on the board,so I added a function named get_cap_slotindex to correct it.Normally,we don't need


it and just get the slot_index by NUM_DEVICE_CHAN-(index+1),please refer to playback side functions.I have no other AD73322 card in hand ,so if you find something needed to be corrected for your board please feel free to tell me.

Btw,you need to copy a config file to /etc/asound on board.please refer to:










2009-01-15 23:54:14     Re: AD73322 Audio Input


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Thank you for the pointers. I got the AD73322 driver working, after commenting all the code in get_cap_slotindex(int index), and just returning original index from this function.


However, the sound quality of the recording is drastically bad compared to the result of AD73311 driver. The sound is almost a low frequecy static, (as in old untuned AM radios) with little hint of voice.


The quality of Playback is the same with both drivers.


My hardware configuration is simple- one AD73322 chip on SPORT0.


AD73311 driver works, but then there is no stereo.


The sound quality with Ad773322 driver is the same wether i run


arecord -D plughw:0,1 wav1.a


or arecord -D plughw:0,0 | aplay -D plughw:0,0. so it means there is no issue due to "simultaneous" rec and play.


Please suggest me how can I debug this issue. Or is there a portion of the driver code which needs to modified further ?


Has the driver been updayed after the standard 2008R1.5 release ? because i have only the standard release, not svn updated.








2009-01-16 02:35:18     Re: AD73322 Audio Input

Cliff Cai (CHINA)

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The code of capture/playback is symmetrical.We've done full test on the customer board ,it works just fine for both


capture and playback.I remember that I came across the same problem with yours' during the test,and the reason was the line


used to connect the audio source itself,(I don't know much about hardware stuff :)) after I had changed another one,it worked well.


The driver hasn't been updated after 2008r1.5 yet.