2009-01-12 13:31:02     remote update of application

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2009-01-12 13:31:02     remote update of application

Rob Maris (GERMANY)

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I'm wondering about how to implement remote update of application programs in uClinux, since the root file system is stored as an image in flash (rootfs.xxx or together with kernel in uImage.xxx).


I'd consider TFTP-based remote update of applications while having updates be kept after power off-on cycles.




2009-01-12 15:17:08     Re: remote update of application

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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usually you dont update the entire rootfs, just an app or two.  so that can be done in the standard way: download the file to flash and then use `mv` to update it.


for kernels, people usually keep two: the normal kernel which can be updated from userspace by writing to the relevant mtdblock and a simple recovery kernel that never gets updated in the field in case the first kernel gets screwed up.