2008-12-30 05:09:44     simulator for blackfin

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2008-12-30 05:09:44     simulator for blackfin

Kaustubh Vaidya (INDIA)

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I am Sorry. I just forget to start the new topic in new thread .


So as there is no support for simulation from skyeye for blackfin so for simulation is there any other package available?


Thank You....................




2008-12-30 10:30:42     Re: simulator for blackfin


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lists 533 - what do you need?






2008-12-31 00:21:48     Re: simulator for blackfin

Kaustubh Vaidya (INDIA)

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I build kernel using recent toolchain & I installed skyeye-1.2.4_Rel for simulation.But when I try to run the image in skyeye it fails it gives message


put_byte io error!


[root@peacock binary]# ./skyeye -e linux1

big_endian is false.

arch: blackfin

mach info: name bf533, mach_init addr 0x80aa9d0

uart_mod:0, desc_in:, desc_out:, converter:

exec file "linux1"'s format is elf32-little.

load section .text: addr = 0x00001000  size = 0x000f60c0.

load section .rodata: addr = 0x000f8000  size = 0x00035ae0.

load section __ksymtab: addr = 0x0012dae0  size = 0x00003728.

load section __ksymtab_gpl: addr = 0x00131208  size = 0x00000fb0.

load section __ksymtab_strings: addr = 0x001321b8  size = 0x0000a988.

load section __param: addr = 0x0013cb40  size = 0x00000154.

load section .data: addr = 0x0013d000  size = 0x00011000.

load section .init.text: addr = 0x0014e000  size = 0x00013c44.

load section .init.data: addr = 0x00161c44  size = 0x00000cf0.

load section .init.setup: addr = 0x00162934  size = 0x00000258.

load section .initcall.init: addr = 0x00162b8c  size = 0x000001a4.

load section .con_initcall.init: addr = 0x00162d30  size = 0x00000004.

load section .init.ramfs: addr = 0x00162d34  size = 0x002b109f.

load section .text_l1: lma = 0x00413dd3 (vma = 0xffa00000)  size = 0x00002038.

load section .data_l1: lma = 0x00415e0b (vma = 0xff800000)  size = 0x000000c0.

not load section .bss: addr = 0x00416000  size = 0x0000ea30 .

not load section .comment: addr = 0x00000000  size = 0x00002c30 .

call ARMul_InitSymTable,kernel filename is linux1.

start addr is set to 0x0014e000 by exec file.


put_byte io error!addr=0xff9fffff,pc=0x71e4,oldpc=0x71e4,sp=0xffb00fc0,insn@pc=0x2f349710


So I asked in thread, https://blackfin.uclinux.org/gf/project/uclinux-dist/forum/?action=ForumBrowse&forum_id=39&_forum_action=ForumMessageBrowse&thread_id=31756


Mr Mike told me skyeye wont work for any reasonable recent release.


That why I ask the question.


So Skyeye supports recent release or not because I want to test the codes for blackfin532 without hardwre,because it is not yet ready.


So any clue how can I do this?


Thank You...........................





2008-12-31 08:18:01     Re: simulator for blackfin


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We don't maintain skyeye - you would need to check with one of developers - did you ask on the skyeye list/forums?