2008-12-19 06:43:21     simple gpio issue

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2008-12-19 06:43:21     simple gpio issue

Kiran Kumar B (INDIA)

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Distribution : uClinux-dist-2008R1.5-RC3  /     Processor : BF527  :  /    Board   EZKIT                                                                        Tool Chain : blackfin-toolchain-uclibc-full-08r1.5-14.i386 ,  blackfin-toolchain-08r1.5-14.i386      


I am trying to use the driver  simple-gpio.c , from the user space. I have refered to test application simple-gpio-test.c and the link:     http://docs.blackfin.uclinux.org/doku.php?id=linux-kernel:drivers:simple-gpio&s[]=simple&s[]=gpio   


Below is the user space test code for reference.   You can see that  two  fwrite is been called with first parameter as "1" and  with "0".   But I observed that the LED2 doesn not showup any change in the board.  For debugging  I have added a few prtink in the driver code simple-gpio.c to check the value of variable ' byte '  . I observed that even though I pass "0" or "1" the driver takes it as an alphabet  'O'     Is there any problem in the simple-gpio driver or in the test application ?  Please let me know.




#include <stdio.h>

#include <unistd.h>



//LED1 PF8   gpio8

//LED2 PG11 gpio27

//LED3 PG12 gpio28


//PG1   gpio17

//PH15 gpio47

//PG13 gpio29

//PF7   gpio7



int main( void])


  FILE *fp;

  int i=0;


fp = fopen( "/dev/gpio27", "r+");    //LED2 ,  PG11 , gpio27


  printf(" File Error \n");


  printf(" File created \n");



if (fwrite("O", 1, 1, fp) != 1)

  printf(" Error Output\n");


printf(" Output Mode\n");



for (i=0; i<=10;i++)


printf(" In Loop \n");  



if (fwrite("1", 1, 1, fp) != 1)

printf(" Err set ");




if (fwrite("0", 1, 1 , fp) != 1)

printf(" Err clear");







printf(" File closed \n");


return 0;





2008-12-19 09:23:11     Re: simple gpio issue

abhrajit datta (INDIA)

Message: 66953   


you can directly set the gpio direction and value:


$ echo 'O1' > /dev/gpio27 - output mode value =1



In the simple_gpio_game.c  the leds are set to output using  :


if (write(leds_fd[i], "O0", 2) != 2)


the simple_gpio_game.c is working for LED2 in bf527 EZ kit.


hope this helps.






2008-12-22 02:47:33     Re: simple gpio issue

Kiran Kumar B (INDIA)

Message: 67025   


Thanks Abhri,   I tried using the write( ) , as given in simple_gpio_game.c     Its working fine...     Thanks again.