2008-12-20 16:27:23     udhcpd

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2008-12-20 16:27:23     udhcpd

Kyle Schlansker (UNITED STATES)

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Has anyone experienced this error with udhcpd:


root:/> udhcpd -f


udhcpd (v1.13.1) started


### eth0 (our ip) =


### adapter index 2


### adapter hardware address 5a:a5:60:57:48:6e


### Opening listen socket on *67 eth0


udhcpd: SO_BINDTODEVICE: No such device






eth0 does indeed exist and is up and running when I check via ifconfig.




My real goal is to run a dhcp server on both eth0 and a bluetooth interface, bnep0.  udhcp with the relay functionality seemed like the easiet way to achieve this, but I'm open to alternate solutions as well.




2008-12-20 19:50:01     Re: udhcpd


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I have used dhcpd - have a look in dhcpd/README (I'm not sure it does relay if this is what you really need).