2008-12-16 10:49:56     Konq/E with QTs VNC support

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2008-12-16 10:49:56     Konq/E with QTs VNC support

Michael Heiser (GERMANY)

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Hi folks,


I downloaded the Source of Konq/E and qt-embedded-3.3.8. My goal is to translate the Browser for Blackfin with QTs VNC support. After buidling the QT-embedded with -qt-gfx-vnc i built the Konq/E with -embedded Version first for my Linuxstation.


I started Konq/E with -qws -display VNC:0 and the Konqueror reported that it cant find an X-server with VNC:0.


Why i want to build Konq/E with VNC support is pretty easy to answer. I want to test it on Bluetechnix-CM-BF537 Modul and i dont have a display currently running with it.


So is there a way to get Qvnc running with Konq/E or is there another VNC solution which works with uclinux?


By the way the example Apps in QTs dir are working with VNC support. I can play tetrix using Qvnc....


Regards Michael





2008-12-17 06:48:13     Re: Konq/E with QTs VNC support

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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i imagine konq does flag parsing itself rather than passing things down to QT