2008-12-16 07:48:07     sport status error: TUVF

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2008-12-16 07:48:07     sport status error: TUVF

Maha lakshmi (INDIA)

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    I am using bf548 EZLite kit. While running my application, I'm getting message "sport status error: TUVF". After displaying this message application stops playing sound for some time(2 0r 3 minutes ) and then it starts playing sound.


    Can u plz tell me what are the causes for it? How can I avoid it??








2008-12-16 08:51:55     Re: sport status error: TUVF


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Underflow. You're not giving it enough data.


But your question is hideously vague.    Like... "I'm driving a car.  It stopped.  Why?" 


I think you need to describe a lot more detail if you want real help.


Load the datasheet.  Enter "TUVF".  It gives you some info.  Did you even try this basic self help?


"When DITFS = 1, the internally generated TFS is output at its programmed interval regardless of whether new data is available in the SPORTx_TX buffer. Whatever data is present in SPORTx_TX is transmitted again with each assertion of TFS. The TUVF (transmit underflow status) bit in the SPORTx_STAT register is set when this occurs and old data is retransmitted. The TUVF status bit is also set if the SPORTx_TX buffer does not have new data when an externally generated TFS occurs. Note that in this mode of operation, data is transmitted only at specified times."




2008-12-16 13:27:00     Re: sport status error: TUVF

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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when asking questions, you need to fully describe your setup.  what version of software (toolchain/kernel/etc...) ?  what audio device exactly are you using ?