2008-12-09 08:41:22     Power consumption on my bf527board

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2008-12-09 08:41:22     Power consumption on my bf527board

leo liu (CHINA)

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Hi, I was puzzled by my bf527board's power consumption. The power consumption is about 750mW(0.15A * 5.0v) without connecting to my cmos sensor borad. When I connected my cmos sensor board to my bf527 board, the power consumption is about 1.5w(0.30A * 5.0v). I have cheched my connection is OK. When I used Visualdsp to debug the connection, I found the power consumption is 750mW(0.15A * 5.0v) and I got picture by "Image view".


What's wrong about the kernel? Maybe some gpios has been driven to low in default? 




2008-12-09 15:20:50     Re: Power consumption on my bf527board

Frank Van Hooft (CANADA)

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Why do you think there's a problem? It's normal for the power consumption to increase when you're doing image processing. The image sensor chip is drawing current. The CPU is working much harder, and so are the SDRAM chips as the CPU writes & reads image data to them, etc. Your power consumption numbers look OK to me.




2008-12-10 09:18:54     Re: Power consumption on my bf527board


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Since we don't have your hardware - I think this is something you will need to figure out.


Make sure that inputs are configured as inputs, and do not assume the default configuration will work for you.