2008-12-08 12:04:36     "getty respawning too fast"

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2008-12-08 12:04:36     "getty respawning too fast"

Harvey Sugar (UNITED STATES)

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I have configured my uClinux system for login.  I am using the BF537 UART for my console and I have two issues:


1.) When I log out, a screen of previously printed text is printed to the console before the login prompt.


2.) Sometimes the message "getty respawning too fast" is printed and it takes a while before I finally get the login prompt.  I've tried tintlogin, busybox, and the stand-alone getty.  The line for getty in my /etc/inittab is:


ttyBF0::respawn:/bin/getty -L ttyBF0 57600 vt100





2008-12-08 12:18:03     Re: "getty respawning too fast"

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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the serial dump issue should be fixed in 2008R1.5


try using the line:

ttyBF0:linux:/bin/getty -L ttyBF0 57600 linux