2008-12-03 06:30:08     MicroWindows instalation

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2008-12-03 06:30:08     MicroWindows instalation

Ivan Antonio (PORTUGAL)

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I am trying to install the project microwindows on my board bf537 stamp... when i make the image i have this error




            bfin-uclinux-objcopy --add-section .romfs=/home/ivan/uClinux/images/rootfs.romfs \

            --adjust-section-vma .romfs=$(echo $(($(bfin-uclinux-objdump -h /home/ivan/uClinux/images/vmlinux | grep .bss | awk '{print "0x"$4}') + $(bfin-uclinux-objdump -h /home/ivan/uClinux/images/vmlinux | grep .bss | awk '{print "0x"$3}')))) --no-adjust-warnings \

            --set-section-flags .romfs=alloc,load,data /home/ivan/uClinux/images/vmlinux /home/ivan/uClinux/images/linux.romfs ; \

            rm -rf /home/ivan/uClinux/romfs/dev/*; \

        fi; \


bfin-uclinux-genext2fs: couldn't allocate a block (no free space)

make[2]: *** [image] Error 1



can anyone help me plz?


and i have a lot free space






2008-12-03 07:19:56     Re: MicroWindows instalation

Michael Hennerich (GERMANY)

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See the FAQ: Common Build Errors








2008-12-03 11:26:43     Re: MicroWindows instalation

Ivan Antonio (PORTUGAL)

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thx michael u help a lot.


But i think i have other problem....


i am doing all steps in wiki creating the image with all options ... then i use minicom to send the files uimage   and linux using the boote when uimage transfering is complete and bootm when linux is done, but when i restart my board i do the comand nano -x& and he say nano not found. i am missing some step?




2008-12-03 14:41:49     Re: MicroWindows instalation

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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make sure nanox is in the romfs/ directory, then make sure you sent the right image, and you actually booted it


sending files over UART is awfully slow ... use ethernet