2008-11-25 05:16:27     BF537 sram_alloc

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2008-11-25 05:16:27     BF537 sram_alloc

Daniele Pagani (ITALY)

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Dear Sirs,


in according to:




I'm using the function sram_alloc.


Then, this is my /proc/sram:


L1 Data A


ff8000C0-ff803f18 15960 27 ALLOCATED


ff803f18-ff804000 232 0 FREE


L1 Data B


ff900000-ff900320 800 27 ALLOCATED


ff900320-ff904000 15584 0 FREE


So, in my application, I choose to use:




Anyway, I can not allocate something more than 2K byte (I try to allocate differents buffers of 128 byte each).


"Can not allocate" means that the function return NULL.


Where is the problem?


EzKit BF537 - STAMP BF537 - uClinux-dist-2008R1.5-RC3


Best regards,








2008-11-25 07:51:10     Re: BF537 sram_alloc

Daniele Pagani (ITALY)

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OK, sorry,


I've solved the problem.


In kernel configuration I need to set the number of piece:




Thank you anyway.


Best regards,