2008-11-20 18:03:07     Mouse BF537 UART1

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2008-11-20 18:03:07     Mouse BF537 UART1


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I work on BF537, i have a TFT-LCD connected to the board by PPI and i creat the PPI clock by the TIMER1


I have some issue about the toush screen with my customer that why i want to add a mouse to the board to continu to develop my application.


for information i develop application with QT4 opensource witch is embedded in blackfin and running well.




i have a USB mouse and i have built an adaptator for the Uart1 port of the blackfin 537 stamp board (with a max 232).


i have crosses the RX and TX signal put 5V in the RTS pin.


i have put 3 and 4 of SW5 to ON (1 and 2 OFF)




when i try this


stty -F /dev/ttyS1 ispeed 1200 cs7 -icanon


the kernel bug and don't respond to anything, i have to reboot the board.




cat /dev/ttyS1


elsif i haven't the file ttyS1




how can i do to enable a mouse or where can i found information about that please




thanks  Damien




2008-11-20 18:26:07     Re: Mouse BF537 UART1

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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if you're trying to talk to the Blackfin UART1, why are you using /dev/ttyS1 ?  the Blackfin UARTs are /dev/ttyBF# ...




2008-11-20 19:33:20     Re: Mouse BF537 UART1


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hy mike,


i have tried to follow this idea :




I thinked that was writting (say me if i am wrong) that i can plug a mouse in the UART1 port and without kernel configuration, i can add a mouse with a command like that


stty -F /dev/ttyS1 ispeed 1200 cs7 -icanon


but my problem is i haven't the file ttyS1 or ttyFB1.


how configure linux to get it?


have i to configure the port P_UART1_RX and P_UART1_TX?


that could be and hardware problem or it's my linux configuration?


thanks for the help




2008-11-20 19:41:54     Re: Mouse BF537 UART1

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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that is an example.  the assumption is you've properly configured your system and you substitue /dev/ttyS1 with the actual UART your mouse is connected to.


like i said already, if you're using the Blackfin UART, then the correct device node is /dev/ttyBF1.