2008-11-12 09:16:50     Booting Problem upon watchdog reset

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2008-11-12 09:16:50     Booting Problem upon watchdog reset

Appalayagari Sreedhar (INDIA)

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I am working with 2007R1-RC3 custom board with BF533, u-boot version u-boot.1.1.6 2007 R1


I am doing a watchdog reset in my application upon wakeup from standby mode by GPIO Flag pin, i am observing sometimes my system is not booting properly  ( this problem occurs randomly )


BMODE pins are connected to ground ( 00 ).


I saw excause 26 is resulted while doing a FlashWrite in u-boot , I could not find any problem with the code and cache tables, i am attaching the .jpeg file for your reference for the excause and also the dcache table values details.


definetely i am doing something wrong or missing something while i am doing the watchdog reset.


Please help to solve this problem.


Best Regards, Sreedhar.