2008-11-07 12:06:11     BF561 and ST-NAND Flash

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2008-11-07 12:06:11     BF561 and ST-NAND Flash

Laurent Brard (FRANCE)

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I am starting a new hardware design with the BF561 and I need a large storage memory in addition to the memory used to boot and store the uClinux image (likely a M29W640).


Looking at the different possibilities I have, I have found in 2008R1 the driver "NAND Flash device for BF537 STAMP board" which says: "This enables the driver for the NAND flash ST-NAND123W3A for Blackfin Processors".


My questions are:


- Does ST-NAND123A means in fact ST-NAND128A (128Mb / 16MB flash) ?


- Can the driver work with the BF561 (even with minor modifications) ?


- Does the driver support not only the ST-NAND128 but also the ST-NAND1G (again with minor modifications) ?

   (I have found the comment "#ifdef CONFIG_PNAV10 /* 1G x 8 NAND Flash */" in the file linux-2.6.x/drivers/mtd/nand/bfin_nand.c, but I have no idea if it refers to this flash or another one).


- Is it the best solution when you need more than 16MB of non removable memory ?


Thank you in advance,


Laurent Brard.






2008-11-07 12:18:56     Re: BF561 and ST-NAND Flash

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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the driver in question was not specific to any ST part or the BF537.  it was just developed using that hardware.  you can find the exact hardware tested here:



that said, the driver is deprecated.  the common NAND driver should work with any NAND flash that the common code supports.


if you need more than 16 megabytes of memory, then NAND is really the way to go.