2008-11-07 05:05:52     ppifcd with O_NONBLOCK

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2008-11-07 05:05:52     ppifcd with O_NONBLOCK


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Hi all,


I'm trying to use ppifcd example, adapted to my board, and it works fine when i'm waiting in the driver the end of the image capture.




Now i'd like to use the non blocking capabilities of this driver by adding the O_NONBLOCK flag when opening the device in order to deal with an image when a second one is being captured.




I'm not used to linux, so i've got some difficulties to use that mode : What should be done in my user program to wait for the end of the capture ? i think i should use the fasync function but how ? Can anyone give me an example or a link to understand how it works.




thanks in advance for any answer. Regards