2008-11-06 09:55:35     i2c for bf53x

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2008-11-06 09:55:35     i2c for bf53x

Jun Ai (CHINA)

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I find I can config SDA and SCL for I2C in 2007r's menuconfig, but it don't have the item, these message is menuconfig's information, it's meaning is which I will call some api to config them ? Could you give me more information about it?



config I2C_GPIO

    tristate "GPIO-based bitbanging I2C"

    depends on GENERIC_GPIO

    select I2C_ALGOBIT


      This is a very simple bitbanging I2C driver utilizing the

      arch-neutral GPIO API to control the SCL and SDA lines.





2008-11-06 11:00:18     Re: i2c for bf53x

Frank Van Hooft (CANADA)

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Check the documentation wiki:




Also, you might consider upgrading to the current 2008R1 uclinux release.