2008-11-03 09:19:31     compress kernel image

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2008-11-03 09:19:31     compress kernel image

Jun Ai (CHINA)

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I get these file "linux", "uImage", "vmlinux" when I finish to compile the 2008r1.5-rc3, but they is more than 4M, I remember it can get "linux.ext2" and "uImage.ext2" in 2007r1 version, and the linux.ext2 is the ram image, and uImage.ext2(2.6M) is compress file and can be used in flash , if I want to use the compress file in 2008r1.5 version beacuse my flash is only 4M, what should I do? Could you give me more information about which the kernel start from flash? thanks!




2008-11-03 09:28:17     Re: compress kernel image

Daniele Pagani (ITALY)

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Dear Jun,


I had the same problem and I solved in this way:


1) remove all inside your /romfs directory


2) make menuconfig and select what application you need


3) when you compile the kernel, then you'll find new files in romfs directory


I'm using 2008r1.5-rc3 with less than 2M.


Best regards,






2008-11-03 11:48:32     Re: compress kernel image

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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please read:



and then read the FAQ for trimming file size: